2023-09-29 - 2023-10-01
10:00 - 11:30


Start of registration: from now on
Registration: roellicke@eko-haus.de
Event form: Online
Cost: free
Organizer: EKŌ Center


Symposium: “Poetic Experience of Faith between East Asia and Europe”
Fri Sept. 29, 2023 – Sun Oct. 1, 2023, daily 10:00-11:30 am s.t.
Limited number of participants. | Technical requirements: stable internet connection, audio and video equipment.

This year’s autumn symposium is not intended to focus primarily on actual scientific research into this topic, but on a consideration of the ways of direct experience of what can be meant by the not easy to grasp word “belief” (in a religious sense). Speakers are therefore invited to contributions who, e.g. as priests, members of religious orders, pastoral workers, but also as poets or with poetry of any kind (ultimately with any art form), make experiences of faith expecially in poetry. We ask that you speak directly from this experience. As contributions, we would like reports from the authenticity and thus also from the needs and difficulties of such experience, be it in the production or in the performance of poetic works. Perhaps we can give room to the suspicion that faith is searching for the dimension of poetry in a very outstanding way and that it is precisely in it that it blossoms and strengthens. So it is not about everything that has ever been understood as poetry, but about this special experience in poetry – about precisely this service rendered by it.

In preparation, we ask a number of speakers to submit their contributions in writing at an early stage, which will then be passed on to all participants of the symposium for private reading at home and for internal use only for this purpose (passing on to third parties is not permitted!) . With the registration comes the willingness to study the submitted papers at home beforehand. We ask that you have questions and comments ready for the discussion.