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Seminar der EKŌ-Gemeinschaft der Europäischen Shin-Buddhisten

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Fr–So 23.–25.11., Beginn: Fr 23.11., 14 Uhr
Prof. emer. Toshikazu Arai (Sōai University, Ōsaka)

“Nembutsu, Shinjin, and Birth in the Pure Land”

In this transient world, we can never be sure that we will meet again in the future. Therefore, in this seminar, I will focus on the core issue of Jōdoshin-shū as given in the title. – It has been taught that we attain birth in the Pure Land through shinjin (faith, entrusting heart). Since shinjin is the heart of Amida Buddha transplanted in us, having shinjin means we are already embraced by the Buddha. There is no doubt about it. – However, shinjin has no fixed form. It is not a tangible thing, nor can we fabricate it through our efforts. The harder we chase shinjin, the more it will run away from us. On the other hand, the nembutsu means pronouncing the Name of Amida Buddha. The Name, Namo Amida Butsu, is a form of Amida’s wisdom and compassion that has been given us as the last refuge of us sentient beings from birth-and-death. Therefore, saying the nembutsu represents our taking refuge in Amida’s compassion and, at the same time, the fulfillment of Amida’s vow to save nembutsu practicers into the Pure Land. – Then what is the Pure Land? What does it mean to be born in the Pure Land?

Der Eintritt für die Vorträge ist frei. Wer auch an den gemeinsamen Essen teilnehmen möchte, wird gebeten, eine Tagespauschale zu entrichten (Abend 23.11. für Büfett: 15,00 €, Mittag 24.11. für O-bento: 8,00 €)

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