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Seminar der EKŌ-Gemeinschaft der Europäischen Shin-Buddhisten

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Fr–So 1.–3.12., Beginn: Fr 1.12., 14 Uhr
Prof. emer. Toshikazu Arai (Sōai University, Ōsaka)

“Good and Evil”

“Good and evil” is an unending theme in the study of Shin Buddhism. Shinran is quoted in the Tannishō (Epilogue) as saying, “I do not know whatsoever what is meant by the two words, good and evil.” By this he meant that it is beyond the capacity of ordinary unenlightened persons to know good and evil; it requires the Buddha’s wisdom to know them thoroughly. Good and evil are only relative in this fleeting world.

– 1. Traditional and “popular” belief in falling into hell and birth in the “Land of Bliss” as retribution for evil conduct and reward for good conduct.

– 2. Karma and Dharma: as long as we live in the world dominated by the law of karma, we cannot hope to attain emancipation from birth-and-death. The Dharma in the form of Amida’s Primal Vow turns karmic evil into good and leads us to birth in the Pure Land.

– 3. We will also talk about “shame and self-reproach” (zangi 慚愧) and “repentance” (sange 懺悔) as the moment of evil turning into good.

Der Eintritt für die Vorträge ist frei. Wer auch an den gemeinsamen Essen teilnehmen möchte, wird gebeten, eine Tagespauschale zu entrichten (Abend 1.12. für Buffet: 15 €, Mittag 2.12. für O-bento: 8 €)

Weitere Information: 0211-577 918-224 (Deutsch, Englisch) , 0211-577 918 213 (Japanisch)

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